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Solar Energy Centre

SEC AnyWhere 1–4 solar light kit

AnyWhere and AnyTime lighting kits are the first in a new family of highly efficient, low energy solar powered products designed to revolutionise energy efficient homes and offices around the world. Using high quality energy efficient LEDs, these products are designed to offer unrivalled brightness and long operation times from integrated storage batteries, and can be used Anywhere or Anytime depending on local requirements.

The concept
Using super efficient (23%) LEDs that are 20 times more efficient than Incandescent 40 watt or 80 watt lamps and almost 4 times better than fluorescent (CFL) lights, the AnyWhere and AnyTime lights each require 1,5 watts input for the AWL240 lumen model or 3 watts input for the AWL480 lumen model, but still give the equivalent brightness of a 40W or 80W incandescent light bulb. With such a small energy requirement, it is possible to offer long operation and back-up times of up to 6–8 hours per day or in-between charges, as well as short charge up times.

Furthermore, because only high quality components are used in these lights, they offer exceptional long term reliability, with 20,000 hour LED life down to 75% of original LED brightness.

The other unique property of the AnyWhere and AnyTime lights is their flexibility and ease of installation and use. Designed as a modular kit with easy twist-fit connectors and a central hub, the kits can be connected in multiple units if required, to create a complete indoor low energy lighting solution.

AnyWhere Solar Light Kit – AWL240 or AWL480
In cases where it is not possible to connect to the Utility power electricity, AnyWhere solar powered lighting kits are a unique solution that only requires sunlight to provide good quality, reliable light for 6 to 8 hours per day.

Supplied fully ready-to-use, each kit of 1 to 4 lights contains the following:
• Solar panel (3Wp or 50kJ/day – 12Wp or 200kJ/day)
• AnyWhere LED light(s) each with internal battery storage
• Terminal hub for additional connections/flexibility
• All connection cables with easy twist-fit connectors
• Ceiling mounting bracket (one per light) and fixings

AnyWhere light kits are supplied in kits of:
• 1 light AWL240-1, or 1 light AWL480-1
• 2 light AWL240-2, or 2 light AWL480-2
• 3 lights AWL240-3
• 4 lights AWL240-4

Supplied with correctly sized solar panel, twist-fit cables and 4 way junction box.


Light output
Each AnyWhere solar powered light is has three brightness levels or can be gradually dimmed in 32 steps by gently pulling and holding the switch cord.
The standard brightness levels are as follows:

• Switch position 1 = 240 or 480 lumens (equivalent to a 40W or 80W incandescent lamp)
• Switch position 2 = 120 or 240 lumens
• Switch position 3 = 25 or 50 lumens (even more light than a kerosene lamp)

Remember to gently pull on the cord the switch is activated on release.

The energy consumption varies depending on the brightness setting as follows:

• Switch position 1 = 8 kJ/h giving 6 to 8 hours operation from a full charge
• Switch position 2 = 4 kJ/h giving 12 to 16 hours operation from a full charge
• Switch position 3 = 1 kJ/h giving 24 hours+ operation from a full charge

Energy storage capacity
• 60 kJ @ from new
• 54 kJ after 500 recharge cycles
• 48 kJ after 1000 recharge cycles (about 3 years at 6 hours per day)
• 36 kJ after 2000 recharge cycles (about 6 years at 6 hours per day)

Light life (25% light reduction)
9 years+ for 4–6 average hours operation per day at 240 or 480 lumens (switch position 1)

Charging device
3Wp –12 Wp solar panel (Voc 18 to 20V) depending on the kit size:
• 1 light kit 18 volt 3 WP
• 2 light kit 18 volt 6 Wp
• 3 light kit 18 volt 9 Wp
• 4 light kit 18 volt 12 Wp

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