Need to lower your lighting maintenance costs? Save on energy? Reduce your carbon footprint? Show a visible commitment to sustainable design? The solution is Sol - Solar Outdoor Lighting.

Sol was established in 1990 and immediately began designing and manufacturing solar outdoor lights to meet the demands of nations looking to provide lighting solutions in remote areas without access to conventional power. Sol systems provide a safer and more secure environment, extend hours for learning, medical treatment, commercial, advertising and social activities, while helping to improve agricultural production and general well-being of people throughout the world.

Sol continues to develop new and innovative LED solar solutions for roadways, area & security, parking lots, parks and rec, signs, billboards, shelter, remote sites and more. Sol has over 50,000 ultra-reliable solar lighting systems in over 60 countries and employs over 50 team members who speak a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Polish, to assist customers worldwide. Their design and engineering team encompass nearly 150 years collective experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, digital electronics, system design, AutoCad, solid models, detailed drawing, and product development. Sol is ISO 9001:2008 compliant and committed to product quality and customer satisfaction.