The SOCIALCARBON Standard is a certification adept at bringing demonstrable social, environmental and economic benefits to the stakeholders of carbon offset projects.
Benefits of using SOCIALCARBON:
* Improves projects’ social and environmental benefits.
* Helps project developers identify areas for project improvement and measure the impact of changes in these areas.
* Provides opportunities to involve local stakeholders, enabling them to share the benefits from carbon offset projects.
* SOCIALCARBON adds value to VERs and can be used together with any other carbon accounting standard (e.g. VCS, CDM, CAR or others)
* It suits different types of projects (e.g hydropower, landfills, fuel switching, forestry and others).
* Practical concept based on the Sustainable Livelihood Approach (SLA), a world wild methodology pplied by CARE, OXFAM, World Bank, FAO and the UNDP.