Shenzhen Elandpower New Energy Co., Limited is the mainstream supplier of new energy product in China, focusing on producing and exporting of solar products and energy save products.

Creating a greener tomorrow, that's what we're all about.

As a global solar energy company, we are passionately committed to delivering innovative solar energy solutions and products. By partnering with you, we can create a future free from global warming and fossil fuels. Together we can build a greener, harmonious future.

Elandpower and You - Green dream, Harmonious future...

As a one-up solar energy company in the world, Elandpower is passionately committed to delivering alternative energy choices through lasting partnerships in order to build a sustainable, harmonious future.

Every time, demand for energy is accelerating and becoming a central environmental issue with implications for the entire world. At Elandpower, we see solar energy as a clean, reusable and affordable solution that is increasingly being recognized as the leading alternative energy source for the 21st century.