As a world leader in the supply of inspection, testing, technical expertise and associated services, SGS’ mission is to assure quality of products and services for our clients world-wide, through professional and independent verification, testing and certification, creating value for shareholders, customers, employees and the public

SGS is recognised as a global leader in the verification of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental services. Professionals choose us because we deliver with the speed and accuracy you need in voluntary and mandatory reporting. Emission reductions are an asset to your company that makes timely verification essential. That’s better for business and better for everyone and everything living on the planet.

Your company, your shareholders and your stakeholders need to be sure that your GHG Emissions data are reliable. You can trust SGS. The SGS Climate Change Program was established in 1997. Our expertise is based on the validation and verification of hundreds of greenhouse gas projects and inventories
The SGS Climate Change Programme offers a range of services addressing the growing need for mandatory and voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. The objectives of the programme are to facilitate trade in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promote the harmonization of markets through the application of standardized verification procedures. Our services can help you whether you are captured in the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), have a Joint Implementation (JI) or Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project or simply want to report into one of the growing number of voluntary or state-based initiatives.

SGS asserts great importance on the competency of its auditors. We select staff with relevant experience and education and have invested in their training as GHG Auditors. Having worked under various accredited procedures for a wide range of GHG schemes – including CDM, EU ETS, UK ETS, CCAR, and considerable experience with other GHG inventory standards (GHG Protocol, ISO 14064), SGS has a pool of expertise capable of offering GHG verification services to a range of sectors, including the financial industries.

SGS offers an unmatched international network, the ability to combine diverse ranges of technical expertise, the high integrity and impartiality ethics of SGS employees, independence of SGS activities and a full portfolio of all accreditations required to provide emission verification services. Our strategy is to become a long-term trusted partner of our clients, providing them
SGS is committed to ensure that GHG emissions and emission reductions are reported in a complete, consistent, transparent, accurate and faithful manner.

SGS validates projects to ensure they comply with the relevant eligibility criteria.
SGS verifies emissions to determine compliance with caps and for voluntary reporting.
SGS certifies emission reductions.

In recognition SGS has been voted the best Verifier for by Environmental Finance Magazine.

Whether your organisation is required report emissions annually or you’re looking for other emission related services, SGS can offer a wide range of expertise under a variety of GHG accredited schemes.