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SEC Industrial Battery Co. Ltd

CELLYTE 6-12TSG solar gel battery

In keeping with our philosophy to stay at the forefront of the ever expanding renewable energy battery market we have extended our range of gelled electrolyte batteries to include monobloc battery fitted with a catalyst increasing the operating temperature at which the battery can be operated up to 30 degrees Celsius without loss of battery life. This is a world first.

Deep cycle applications
• Alternative energy storage
• Solar photovoltaic; wind
• Cycling/float service
• Wheelchair; electric vehicle
• Boats/marine/navigational aids
• Floor cleaning machines
• Engine starting
• Water pumping; golf caddy
• Portable medical equipment
• Cathodic protection

Innovative features
• Valve regulated lead acid
• Fully tank formed plates
• Gelled thixotropic electrolyte
• Spill-proof/leak proof
• Multi-position usage
• Multi-cell container
• Low self-discharge
• Quality system ISO 9001
• FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous

Extra features (with optional catalyst)
• Will reduce float current by about 50%
• Will reduce gassing by up to 80%
• Will minimise water loss
• Reduce cell failure due to dry out
• Will extend battery float service life due to reduced plate corrosion
• Batteries will have full design life when used in temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius
• Will maintain full battery capacity by preventing depolarization of negative plate
• Reduces the possibility of thermal runaway

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