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SEC Industrial Battery Co. Ltd

CELLYTE 2CMT stationary modular/tubular battery rack, AGM technology

Sealed valve regulated maintenance-free lead acid batteries. The capacity is 100 Ah. to 4500 Ah. C/10 RATE to 1.80 C/8 to 1.75 Vpc @ 25C. The seismic zone 4 modular battery rack design provides a rugged steel rack with minimum battery footprint, and the seismic zone 0 tubular design provides for a lower cost steel racking system. SEC CELLYTE 2CMT cells are fitted with life-enhancing VRLA catalysts as standard.

• Telecommunications
• Power utility
• Emergency lighting
• Standby power
• Switchgear
• Control system
• Cellular radio
• Navigation aids
• Solar PV

Innovative features
• Valve regulated with catalyst
• Propriety virgin lead 1.6% tin alloy
• Never requires watering
• Spill proof and leak proof
• Low gassing on float charge
• Explosion proof
• Operates at low internal pressure
• Increased safety
• For use in vertical or horizontal position
• Increased capacity in given area

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