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SEC Industrial Battery Co. Ltd

Cellyte 12PLF and 12PLT range

Pure lead monobloc batteries using advanced thin pressed plates to provide very high performance, energy density, reliability and very long life in both float and cyclic service. Initially the pure lead range comprises of 3 sizes of front terminal 12PLF 110 Ah. to 200 Ah. and 2 sizes of top terminal 12PLT18 Ah. to 110 Ah. for use in telecom racks and cabinets.

Advance pure lead technology
In keeping with SEC's philosophy to stay at the forefront of the ever expanding telecom standby battery markets SEC has now extended its battery range to include extra high performance pure lead gas recombination technology 12 volt batteries with proven design life of 15 years in float service at 20°C. These batteries are of the absorbed glass mat technology combined with thin punched pure lead plates. The gases generated in the normal charge/discharge use of a rechargeable lead acid battery are internally recombined during normal use more than 99% of the gas.

Pure lead batteries combine benefits of high performance and long life in a cost effective battery solution for telecommunications, UPS, electric utilities and engine starting applications. The use of gas recombination technology for lead acid batteries has completely changed the concept of standby power. This technology provides the user with the freedom to use lead acid batteries in a range of applications. The minimal level of gas production allows battery installation in cabinets or on stands, in offices or near main equipment, thus maximising space utilisation and reducing battery installation and maintenance costs.

Wide operating temperature range -40 to +40°C. The batteries can be installed in any orientation except upside down (vents on the bottom).

Pure lead battery construction
Terminal posts comprise high conductivity brass female insert with stainless steel M8 and M5 bolt and washers. The terminal post is sealed with a compressed rubber grommet for long trouble free battery life. Container case and cover ABS co-polimer flame retardant to UL94V-0 heat sealed for maximum strength. One way safety valve with flame arrestor maintains positive internal pressure ensuring that oxygen cannot enter the cell.

Batteries designed with manifolded venting system, neoprene tubing can be provided to vent gases from the battery enclosure if required. Batteries designed for float service or cyclic applications. The electrolyte used is medical quality dilute sulphuric acid and is 100% absorbed into the ABS separator material.

Energy density
The advanced thin plate pure lead technology promotes exceptionally efficient utilisation of the active materials. Pure lead batteries energy density is typically 10 to 30 % higher than conventional lead calcium VRLA batteries.

Battery installation
Before conducting a capacity discharge test the batteries must be given an equalize charge or have been on float charge for at least 7 days. Please see the SEC installation and operating manual for full installations details.

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