The Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) provides a focal point for organisations in Europe developing low-carbon energy projects and activities. SEGEC engages with institutions, networks and technology platforms, influencing the future policy agenda and identifying niche opportunities for collaboration across different industry sectors.

SEGEC’s principal remit is to facilitate innovative, collaborative, low-carbon, infrastructure projects which deliver real benefits for Scotland, the UK and Europe. We do this by developing projects which meet key success criteria of partners, technology focus and market readiness, and are correctly structured in order that they can be financed.

Due to the collaborative nature of the projects that it supports, SEGEC works to secure investments from a range of public grants and private sector funds, including EU funding streams that have been allocated to support market and technology development. Working with partners in Scotland, the UK and Europe, SEGEC maximises the potential to contribute to the European Energy and Emissions targets for 2020 and beyond.

Established in 2009, SEGEC has delivered over €110M of EU funding for low-carbon energy projects, including the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre and Moray Firth Offshore HVDC Hub with other projects under development.

An independent, not-for-profit organisation, SEGEC is supported by the Scottish Government, the European Regional Development Fund, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, ScottishPower and SSE.

SEGEC’s energy priorities include, but are not limited to: Marine, CCS, Renewable Heat, Grids, Offshore Wind and Energy Efficiency.

• €40M secured for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, to be located off Aberdeen. This project will have a project total of around €200M. SEGEC facilitated the funding application and collaboration between the project partners of Vattenfall, Technip and AREG.
• €74.1M secured towards a new Moray Firth Offshore HVDC hub facilitating a more optimal transmission solution for the connection of offshore and onshore renewables in far North East Scotland. This €150M project is being developed by SSE's transmission business, whose case to the regulator Ofgem for the balance of costs is significantly de-risked by the EU grant allocation
• CCS Regulatory Toolkit - Provided facilitation between the Global CCS Institute and the Scottish Centre for CCS to design a toolkit to help nations and regions to test their legislative, regulatory and public engagement processes in advance of receiving applications for CCS projects.
• Maldives Renewables Potential - Project support and dissemination of results
• NorthConnect Interconnector project - SEGEC is a project partner providing support to the routing study for an interconnector between Norway and GB. With a landfall option in North East Scotland such a link has the potential to form part of a future offshore grid.
• Co-ordinated/ facilitated two separate collaborative Marine energy bids for NER300 funding: Pentland Orkney Wave power Resource (POWER) Ltd bid application of €78M which has a total project value of €228M and the Islay Tidal Project bid application of €21M with a total project value of €95M
• Worked on various other TEN-E, IEE and INTERREG bid applications
• Working with the Scottish and UK Government and the energy industry to influence Scottish, UK and European energy policy