SANYO Air Conditioners - the natural choice

Last year SANYO Air Conditioners celebrated its 50 years in the air conditioning industry. We have earned a reputation as a technical pioneer with several 'world firsts'. In the 1980's SANYO developed the first gas driven VRF systems and in 1989 it introduced the first 3-pipe VRF system and this together with our continuous programme of research and development, has ensured that SANYO's products remain at the very forefront of innovation. Last year we launched the innovative Virus Washer and solar air conditioning to much industry acclaim.

In 2008 SANYO launched many grounding breaking air conditioning technologies. Firstly there is Elite PACi and Big PACi – a new range of high performance commercial split systems. Also we have just upgraded our range of Gas Heat Pumps with the M Series but also launching ECO G Power – a revolutionary VRF system that supplies heating, cooling, hot water whilst at the same time generating electricity. Finally we have extended our range of CO2 ECO Water Heaters with a new high capacity 9.0 kW model. Make sure you check our News & Events section and sign up to our e-mail newsletter for regular updates.

Strong customer focus

But a complete range of innovative and reliable air conditioning systems is not the only reason why SANYO is the first choice among so many consultants, installers and end users.

Outstanding customer service is key to our success. Right through from specifying your system, through to delivery and after sales technical support you'll find SANYO work harder and perform as well as our products.

The natural choice for environmental technology and innovation

SANYO Air Conditioners focus on developing the most energy efficient systems possible. SANYO are world leaders in a number of environmental technologies and have adopted 'Think GAIA – for the earth and its people' as a guiding corporate philosophy.

SANYO's ECOi Electric VRF systems are some of the most efficient and reliable in the industry.

SANYO have pioneered the development of gas driven VRF with its ability to reduce your carbon footprint.

SANYO have invented a virus washer that suppresses 99% of airborne viruses including common cold, flu and bird flu. Now available as free standing units it will soon be available in air conditioning systems.

SANYO are set to revolutionise the air conditioning industry with the launch of solar powered air conditioners.