The Future of the Energy Sector Conference 2014

The The Future of the Energy Sector Conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and examine how the energy sector is addressing the key issues that it faces through greater investment and increased collaboration with the aim of ensuring that the UK and the rest of the world has a promising future. It will investigate the key initiatives and drivers and through discussion and debate aim to dissect what the future holds across the energy sector.

Energy is at the forefront of the global political agenda. Rising costs and demand are compelling organisations to improve sustainability and put customers at the heart of strategy. If we are to overcome the dual challenges of climate change and energy security, we require a radical shift in how we generate, distribute, store and use energy. This event will bring senior figures together to address issues as diverse as investment in new generation, energy efficiency and smart metering.

Key points to be addressed on the day will include:

- Providing secure energy for industry and consumers
- Faster roll-out of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to capture carbon emissions from gas plants
- Understanding today's energy mix - constancy and change
- Shaping the energy future through innovation
- Unlocking energy with advanced technologies
- Delivering quicker, smarter and sustainable energy solutions to secure the long-term future
- What will the next big energy transition be?
- The importance of maximising the recovery of the UK's remaining oil and gas resources to the continued energy security and prosperity of this country
- The future of energy savings and the impact of EPCs
- Making the case for energy efficiency - how can major energy users drive future security of supply?
- What role does carbon counting play in our plan to be sustainable, and what are the key measures of success in our mission to reduce consumption?

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