The SAC Land Economy and Environment Research Group (LEERG) is one of the largest groupings of social, economic and environmental researchers focusing on agricultural and wider rural issues in the UK with a full-time staff equivalent of 30.

The aims of the Group are to be:

an internationally recognised applied social, economic and environmental research unit and
leaders in the development of interdisciplinary social, biological and environmental research
The activities of the Group are split into four broad research areas:

Policy Analysis
Ecosystem Economics and Biodiversity
Rural Society & Food Marketing
Behaviour and Innovation
Within these areas our main activities are:

modelling farm businesses
developing methodologies for valuing non-market goods and services
understanding and helping industry supply chains develop
understanding institutional, social and infrastructural needs of rural society
understanding biodiversity interactions with economic activity
A common thread throughout the activities of the Group is the analysis, interpretation and evaluation of agricultural and rural policy and the Group has been instrumental in the establishment of the SAC Centre for Rural Policy Analysis.