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Sabien Technology Ltd

M2G intelligent boiler control

M2G micro chip
The M2G is an intelligent boiler optimisation control.

• Proven to reduce gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by between 10% and 25%
• Typical payback between 6 months and 2 years
• M2G is an intelligent boiler optimisation control, a simple, unobtrusive technology to fit. Using intelligent software and hardware the M2G improves the boilers efficiency therefore reducing energy wastage.
• By concentrating on burner efficiency, M2G is a unique system that integrates with other building management systems you may have.
• M2G is listed on the Energy Technology List and is applicable for the Enhanced Capital Allowance.
• European Patent.

During warmer months, heating demand reduces. Typically the only heating demand is to provide hot water generation. As a consequence, energy wastage from the boiler is at its highest caused by the boiler plant turning on and off excessively, this is known as "cycling", this isn't the only reason a boiler cycles. It is commonly known that up to 80% of commercial boilers are oversized for their application, having operational capacity greater than what is required from the designed building load, i.e. they are capable of heating a bigger space than what is there. Heating systems are generally designed to provide a continual and comfortable working environment internally no matter what the outside conditions are. Therefore boilers are oversized to take into account worst case weather scenarios (coldest) and for when boilers are out of operation for maintenance and repairs, again causing oversizing and boilers to cycle on and off.

As a result of cycling, boiler/burner operation increases causing inefficiencies due to the fact that force draught burners have to purge the combustion space each time it fires, causing the boiler to cool down, effectively cooling something you just heated up. The boiler needs to recover this heat loss through additional firing, therefore wasting further energy and causing unnecessary thermal stress on the boiler plant.

Typically, a boiler will lose between 1 and 2% heat through radiated losses, the boiler effectively becoming a large radiator heating the boiler house. This is a continuous process, causing the boiler to re-fire unnecessary without contributing heat or energy into the building load. As a result significant energy is wasted. However, by installing M2G, boiler cycling and unnecessary energy use is removed.

COntact us if you would like any information, or if you would like to purchase the M2G.

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