SAVORTEX is a British creator of energy efficient washroom technology. Our principle is to lead business sustainability through innovation and the development of revolutionary, eco-friendly products.

In 2006 we set our engineers a challenge: to overcome the inefficiency and short life expectancy of conventional 2400W hand dryers. How could we eliminate environmentally unfriendly heating elements and energy-hungry motors, but still give consumers an unrivalled performance from their hand dryer?

The result was the Vortex 550 EcoSmart hand dryer is the first hand dryer ever to have achieved an energy efficiency Guinness World Records title for the Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy. The energy efficient dryer uses only 550W and has a unique heat recycling technique which dramatically reduces power consumption and greenhouse gases compared to conventional 2400W hand dryers.

To create the Vortex 550 EcoSmart our engineers developed clean motor technology using a digital brushless bypass motor. They also created a patented energy recycling technique which uses a compression process to heat the air and remove the need for high-energy consumption heating elements. The Vortex 550 EcoSmart has a life expectancy of 15 years, compared to 1-2 years for conventional dryers, and comes with a seven-year warranty.

SAVORTEX was recently awarded Best of Britain and selected as one of 16 CleanTech companies on a trade mission backed by the UKTI, to the CleanTech Forum in San Francisco in March 2012.

SAVORTEX has helped businesses to eliminate paper towels, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, meet carbon reduction targets and improve washroom sustainability. In 2012, our team of engineers are preparing to launch the next set of products that will again deliver significant costs and energy reduction for businesses and consumers.

SAVORTEX. Smart, British manufacturing.