Revolve is an independent organisation based in London, UK. We encourage and promote sustainable forms of transport, including new fuels and technologies, through high-profile events. Our name is inspired by the revolutionary vision of zero emission transport for all, and the evolutionary steps that must be taken in order to reach this goal. Our events aim to inform and educate people about the issues that revolve around sustainable transport and provide positive proof that it is in fact possible.

Our mission is to accelerate the market for efficient and sustainable transport technologies & fuels such as hybrids, batteries, biofuels, hydrogen & fuel cells through high profile events.

The Revolve Eco-Rally utilises high-profile locations and celebrity drivers, to showcase the best present and future transport to members of the public who may not otherwise be aware of its existence.

At an international level, The Eco-Rally is a UN-recognised event supporting the aims of World Environment Day in June.

At a national level, it is supported by the main political parties and the clean-tech industry as a way to stimulate the UK economy and harness green-growth.

At a local level, we work with borough councils and campaign groups to promote their sustainable transport initiatives.

The Eco-Rally is part of Love London - the largest festival of its kind in the world.