We at Reuse or Recycle IT have set about trying to extend the life of IT assets thereby reducing the landfill of IT equipment and helping companies develop best practice in respect of IT disposal. By encouraging the reuse of IT equipment within the corporate world, we feel that companies can make their own contribution by reducing IT waste and saving money by using our services as a one stop shop for IT disposal.

We recognise that the business today faces many challenges, both Green and Increasing Bottom Line Profits. We make a contribution to help companies on both these challenges in the following ways.

Firstly Reuse or Recycle avoids putting equipment into landfill, thus enhancing the environmental performance of our clients. Our company therefore aligns IT replacement projects with the evolving green policies of many corporates in the UK.

Secondly by offering a one stop simple effective solution for disposing IT equipment, we are helping reduce the direct and indirect operational costs of IT disposal. This goes a long way in improving the Profit and Loss account and frees up valuable human resources