Scotland has all the key Ingredients needed to meet the energy challenge and RenewNet can help Scottish companies like yours make the required impact.

We know developing renewable devices or services can be a costly and high risk venture. Through our links with the science base we can help you access not only specialist expertise, but also cutting edge technology and test facilities.

RenewNet can be seen as a knowledge hub for Electrical Engineering, where we can give you the most up to date advice from power systems to drive train expertise to full electrical system design.

We offer 5 days free technical assistance and advice to SMEs who need it.

The purpose of this service is to provide expertise or resources that your company doesn't currently have and to help guide you into new directions with trusted and accurate knowledge.

This assistance can cover supply chain advice, helping identify funding and applying for funding as well as product direction advice. Our expertise and knowledge can also be applied to the aerospace, defence and electronics industry.

All sorts of businesses from engineering contractors to farms have benefited from our expertise: you can find case studies of these companies here
RenewNet offers a feasibility fund that can offer up to £ 5000 to help SMEs work with an Academic partner to give them a high level of expertise and help reduce the risk of new directions and high-tech products.

So if whether you're into wind, wave, tidal, solar or hybrid technologies ask us how we can help your ideas flourish.

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