The growing consumption of energy in the country becoming increasingly dependent on fossil fuels such as coal and oil & gas. Rising prices of oil and gas and potential shortages in future lead to concerns about the security of energy supply, which is needed to sustain our economic growth. Increased use of fossil fuels also causes environmental problems both on local and global scales.

The Renewable Energy India Forum would create an enabling environment for proactive dialogue to build up national cooperation and encourage innovative stakeholder partnerships aimed at investments in renewable energy for productive uses. It will help in identifying policy issues, institutional frameworks and successful initiatives thus paving the way for adoption of best practices across the country.

The REIF will provide a platform for showcasing the promotion of renewable energy in India and elsewhere, by showcasing the latest products (and processes) in renewable energy, thus developing the biggest online cluster for the sector in the world.

The REIF would encourage stakeholders to join together to promote projects aimed at increasing usage of modern and sustainable energy services based on renewable energy in the country and later, across the world. Such initiatives would have a multiplier effect in generating a broad range of income generating activities by promoting industrial development overall. Finally, REIF would build unparalleled commercial networking opportunities in the renewable energy sector.