Funding and managing sustainable energy
Developers, Councils, Businesses, Housing Associations, Community Organisations and others are keen to provide sustainable energy solutions in homes and other buildings, but how to fund and organise them remains a challenge. Our co-operative esco (energy services company) arranges and funds sustainable energy services, on behalf of users and the wider community.
With a wide range of support, Renew has been established as a co-operative energy services company (esco) to provide sustainable energy for the benefit of the community. Renew develops, funds and manages sustainable energy solutions and energy sources including energy from waste for new and existing homes and other buildings, working in partnership with leading service providers, financial partners and developers and with local authorities, businesses, social landlords, community organisations and others. Which of these organisations plays the lead role in a project varies from case to case, but the project is always set up with a structure which is accountable to the community served by the project. Sustainable energy solutions which we develop will usually take the form of local or decentralised energy – providing heat and in some cases power from low carbon sources to a group of buildings. Energy users will buy their energy through a local Renew company which represents their interests.
Renew has developed three related services which may be provided on a standalone basis or linked to a local energy network:
- Low Carbon Homes: supply of modular timber frame homes built to Scandinavian levels of energy efficiency for swift and low cost on-site assembly (separate note available)
- Development and funding of community wind initiatives
- Funding of microgeneration (under development)
Who and Where?
Renew is a company set up by Ore Valley Housing Association with support from Social Investment Scotland, Communities Scotland, Co-operative Development Scotland and The Co-operative Group (the “Co-op”). Its first project in Fife will serve around 800 homes and other buildings and is due to complete in 2010-11. It is developing other projects with local authorities and other public bodies, businesses, social landlords, developers and community organisations in Scotland and across the UK.
Renew commenced operation in 2008 after two years of development. The majority of our early work is with developers, housing associations and local authorities. We are keen to work with a wide range of stakeholders.
Renew has defined a five stage project generation process: registration of interest, initial appraisal, project development, contract and financial close, implementation.
If you would like to discuss the Renew model or explore possible projects, please contact: Jon Cape tel: 07775 665561; email: website: