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15 Aug 2012 07:08:06

Photovoltaics in Poland – beginnings of dynamic development

Striving to achieve ever greater independence from fossil fuels, whose price is constantly growing and resources dwindling, is the driving force behind the development of technology of obtaining energy from renewable sources. Apart from the most intensively used energy of falling water and wind power, solar radiation source is becoming increasingly popular. And no wonder: solar energy, considered by many to be the friendliest to the environment, is the basis for all creatures' lives on Earth. And what is most important - the potential of this life-giving star is endless.

The solar energy may be used in two basic ways. The first one is to convert solar radiation into heat using all sorts of complex above ground systems, the so called solar thermal collectors. It is most often used to heat utility water, support central heating, cool buildings and produce technological heat.

The second method takes advantage of the photovoltaic phenomenon by which solar energy is converted directly into electrical energy. This is a very effective method of obtaining energy, since the classic photovoltaic cells made ​​from silicon-based semiconductors, do not need any fuel to run and can transform into electricity even the diffuse sky radiation. Additionally, they are characterized by high reliability and long life. Unfortunately, this has a price, and it's quite high, which is the biggest drawback of photovoltaic installations. It is often the case that the cost of this investment discourages a lot of potential buyers and creates a seemingly insurmountable barrier. Additionally, the legislation and political regulations have so far hampered the development of photovoltaic market in Poland. Yet everything indicates that it is time for major changes, and that this modern technology has a chance for a breakthrough in Poland as well. In fact, there are ways to deal with any barriers.

How you can overcome the difficulties associated with investments in photovoltaic cells will be discussed at the conference held during the trade fair RENEXPO Poland entitled "Photovoltaic in Poland – beginnings of dynamic development". The conference organizer, Polish Photovoltaic Association, in cooperation with REECO Poland, will review the development of this technology in Poland and abroad and provide practical guidance on how to deal with financial and legal-administrative obstacles in the process of investment in photovoltaic cells execution on the polish market. Certainly, it will be a very interesting event for all interested in the prospects for development of this field in Poland.

Representatives of PV industry and energy sectors, power distribution companies and transport grid operators, representatives of services sector of PV industry, banks, consulting companies, architects and representatives of the construction industry will find answers here to many questions that preoccupy them.

The meeting will also provide an excellent opportunity to initiate discussion about the investment processes in the PV sector in the context of the currently discussed Law on RES. The conference participants will also have a chance to share their views on the proposed methods of overcoming the difficulties associated with the planning of construction costs and operation of photovoltaic systems, obtaining financial support, gaining the necessary permits to build PV systems, and selling electricity to the grid.

In comparison to other European Union countries, Poland discovered the potential of photovoltaic with delay, but now that its growth inhibitory factors have been identified and the methods to fight them learned - let's hope that the development of this solar technology in Poland will be even more vigorous.

The platinum sponsor of the conference is REC Solar Germany, part of the REC Group – the world leader in solar energy industry. The golden sponsor of the event will be IBC Solar s. r. o. (Ltd.) from the Czech Republic which is also a leading expert in the global photovoltaic market. The ideological support of the conference will be provided among others by PV Cycle – non-profit organization working for the collection and recycling of end-of-life PV modules throughout Europe.

Support of these units as well as the numerous exhibitors will certainly add splendor to the conference on PV, to the trade fair and, additionally, it will be the proof of the event importance.

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