Redcotec are independent engineers specialising in renewable energy systems for the industrial and commercial sectors. We have experience across all the major technologies such as wind turbines, PV for electricity generation, solar thermal water heating, biomass boilers, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

At Redcotec we cut through this complexity to provide clear-cut advice on renewable energy technology selection, equipment sizing and operational considerations. Since we are independent of any equipment manufacturers or installers, we are driven only by our desire to maximise carbon savings and project financial performance on behalf of our clients.

Redcotec specialises in providing grid connection expertise to clients interested in connecting distributed generation. Our services range from intial network assessments to final design and supply of G59 hardware.

We perform a large amount of work for farmers on mid-scale wind turbines (10 - 500kW) and we have a strong skill set in this area.