REdatabase is the global renewable energy arm of LRI Energy, a leading energy research and consulting business. Providing both published research and bespoke consulting expertise to a range of local and international clients, REdatabase is the one-stop solution to all your renewable energy research and advisory needs. REdatabase, leveraging its established network of renewable energy investors and project developers, is the chosen online information and networking portal for a range of sector specialists, investors and policy makers.

Company mission
REdatabase aims to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy globally by disseminating information to those who are able to make the greatest impact.

REdatabase provides relevant, concise and complete data and analysis on renewable energy markets to investors, policy makers and energy professionals, to assist them understand the risks and opportunities involved in particular markets. REdatabase also plays a pivotal role as a catalyst communication hub where we receive and exhibit:
1. Information on renewable energy projects that require funding.
2. Opinions and suggestions that are intended to provide clarity on a particular issue or renewable energy market.
3. Presentations and papers concerning renewable energy and related issues.

The value of information
Accurate and up-to-date information is vital, particularly when used to support investment decisions. A lack of quality information can lead to failed proposals, inferior tenders, inaccurate projections and weak project planning, all of which costs money and time. We believe that by proving the right information we can reduce the level of uncertainty and thereby lower the risk faced by renewable energy investors and project developers.

The renewable energy sector is still maturing and technological advancements are expected to accelerate the deployment of all forms of renewable energy. Many of these technologies are complex and in order to provide a better understanding of the changing world of renewable energy technology our reports are written to suit both experts and non-technical readers.