We sell rainwater harvesting systems, tanks and equipment.

If you want good service and lower prices for rainwater harvesting tanks and equipment, especially in complete kit form, then RainWaterHarvesting.co.uk is the answer. We’re an independent family owned company based at one of Britain’s largest stock and fulfilment centres in the UK, in Peterborough. We have offices in the Manchester and London areas.

Our business succeeds by selling the rainwater harvesting equipment you want at the lowest possible prices and delivering then to you in the shortest possible time. We hold large stocks of Rainwater harvesting systems, filters, pumps, rainwater tanks, flood crates and rainwater management systems including the exclusive Rain Director® and list them with clear pricing and a price policy to try to meet or or match similar offers. You are covered by our money back Satisfaction Guarantee for your purchases and many of the products have extended warranties in excess of any statutory requirement.

We have telephone help from experts and a host of downloads - from tech drawings to videos. If you want to know more about how to save money on water or just do some good for the planet - call 0800 074 7234.