QCR Recycling Equipment was formed in 2011 and was previously known as Mil-tek Direct, a franchise of the Mil-tek Group, for 14 years. We’ve expanded our product supplier offering to include equipment from leading manufacturers so we can offer a broad range of solutions including balers, waste compactors, clinical waste destroyers and total waste management.

With our solutions you manage the waste at the source which means, less bins, a tidier and safer workplace and of course reduced waste costs. QCR strongly believes the most efficient way for any business to manage their waste is this way.

Regardless of what we currently stock you will always be given the ideal solution for your business based on your waste streams and business costs. We will look at your waste streams and your costs and offer the best solution for your business. We've been a leading baler and recycling equipment supplier for fourteen years and the fact that we have over 2500 customers suggests that we are doing something right. Our customer base is diverse and ranges from FTSE100 companies, HM Prison Service, NHS and private sector hospitals, schools and colleges, hospitality groups and even cathedrals.

Whatever you choose, from renting a small baler from only £10 per week or a bespoke sorting and shredding system, we can guarantee excellent value and service.

For more information or to request a brochure please contact us on 01242 620 903 or info@qcr.co.uk