Hookstop is a patented, shock absorbing pad that replaces the fragile tiles directly under the roof hook. It puts an end to broken tiles, seals and waterproofs, reduces installation time and gives peace of mind.


HOOKSTOP - a product that really works, and saves time
It’s fair to say that in these austere times we’re all after a bargain; a time saver; a better way…and not just us - our clients want it too!
Gone are the days of ‘taking our time’ on jobs – not that we’d compromise on the quality of the result – it’s just we have to take the ‘more is more’ attitude just to survive!
The more jobs we can line up – the better. And the faster the jobs are completed – even better still!
Time is money - on all our books.
That’s why, here at Qameleon we’re really quite pleased with ourselves having found a product that aims to do just that.
Save time.
And hassle.
And ultimately – money!
The HOOKSTOP, launched in October 2012 at Solar Energy UK in Birmingham, offers time saving results on every job. Provided you’re using plain tiles (apparently they’re working on variants of the product for other sized tiles, so watch this space).
Made from UV stable recycled rubber (once your car tyre!), the HOOKSTOP, is a patented, shock- absorbing pad that replaces the fragile plain tiles directly under the roof hook during solar PV installation.
It effectively, and more importantly, reliably, puts an end to broken plain tiles during or even after new installations.
Quick to install, following a simple 4 point installation guide, it’s a product that we think, once you start using, you’ll keep using!
The results achieved so far have been more than impressive, with literally 100% reduction on breakages, and jobs being finished hours faster. Then of course, you’re onto your next job quicker and using those HOOKSTOPS again…!
Don’t take our word for it:
What some PV installers have said about HOOKSTOP:
''We were initially sceptical about adding another component part into our roof mounting system as, like all installers our margins have been shrinking. However, utilising the Hookstop on two jobs recently, we are now sold on the product. The product eliminates the problem on Rosemary tiled roofs of installers standing on the mounting rail and the downward flexing of the roof hook, cracking the roof tile. Hookstop prevents this by absorbing the roof hook flexing; it significantly speeds up installation time and the cost is largely offset because there is no lead work needed. The benefits are also used in our initial site survey to the customer. 10 out of 10!!....a product that really works and saves time."
Pete Amos, Evergreen Renewable Energy

"Using Hookstop - we didn't crack one tile!, it isn't cheap but a 1½ day install becomes a 1 day install, the cost works out about the same but less time on the roof, Hookstop also seals the entry - we were using lead but it's expensive and doesn't quite seal the entry to small insects"
John Smallwood The Solar Electrician

Talk to us at Qameleon about the HOOKSTOP – we hold stock and if we have had a run of orders we can get replacements on a next day delivery.