It is our pleasure to introduce Pure Energy Corporation (PEC). Its one of the international group as turn-key EPC Contractor & Consultant, in the field of renewable energy and CHP Power Plant developer in IRAN and there are 8 companies in Germany, UK, USA, Brazil , Malaysia and China as our supporters. Also we are official owner of international ( PEC ) brand .

Requirement for using of renewable energy :
growth and development of human societies have always been parallel with the production and consumption of energy. According to statistics registered during the past 30 years the world energy needs a considerable amount has been increased.

In the year 1960 world energy consumption was equal to 3/3 Gtoe (giga tons) that this figure in the year 1990 increased to 8/8 Gtoe. At present the world energy consumption is 10 Gtoe and is expected to reach the figure in 2010 and 2020 to 12 and 14 Gtoe/yr .

It is natural that with regard to the increase of the annual energy consumption in one hand and continuous decrease of fossil energy resources on the other hand, the most important question of human societies is, how to provide energy in future years.

Sunlight energy
sunlight is the world's largest source of renewable energy, if only one percent of the solar thermal power plants in the deserts of the world will be active , The annual electric energy production to supply the entire world would be enough. On the other hand, if you collect and burn all fossil fuels, the energy of the sun to the Earth would be only about 4 days. Heat and light per second that the sun reaches the earth, is a millions time more than the explosive power of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Now powering of over 160 thousand villages in the world , is throughout on solar energy and this is just the beginning.

In a country like as Indonesia, where exist thousands of large and small islands, using power plants and transmission lines, is almost impossible and solar energy, is only hope for a population of 20 million rural areas of Indonesia.

Today, several method of generating electricity from sunlight is known which are: the use of parabola mirrors (central receiver), the parabola mirror (dish or Sterling), solar chimneys, solar pool and light cells (photovoltaic), but today More solar energy using in solar cells or thermal power plants.