The Pure Energy® Centre is an independent engineering and consultancy company specialising in the design, development, resource assessment and project management of clean energy technologies.

We have been providing our customers throughout the world with reliable, long lasting Pure Energy® solutions as follows:


The Pure Energy® Centre is a world renowned independent multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy specialising in clean energy technologies. Offering professional services for clients, we have the capability to deliver projects right through from feasibility studies to installation and commissioning.

Solar Water Heating Solutions

The Pure Energy® Centre offer fully packaged Solar Water Heating solutions that cover all possible applications for supplying one or more houses right up to large‐scale projects. We supply, design, plan, simulate and install both flat plate and evacuated tube collector solar panel systems for residential and commercial projects.

Wind Power

The Pure Energy® Centre conduct wind assessment and environmental studies and work with a range of wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers to install, commission and operate wind energy systems suited to your requirements. Our offer is unique and range from initial technical consultancy right through to installation, servicing and maintenance.

Photovoltaic Systems (PV)

The Pure Energy® Centre provide reliable bespoke PV systems for different needs such as rural, residential and public and commercial buildings. Our customers benefit from a clean, quiet and secure means of accessing free generated power.

Waste to Energy

The Pure Energy® Centre design custom waste to energy systems, incorporating bio-digestion of household and other wastes to produce biogas and for transport applications. These gases are then used to fuel engines or produce heat.


The Pure Energy® Centre offer a full turnkey operation on the design, sourcing, construction and commissioning of any type and size of leading biomass solutions for your energy requirements utilising energy crops, waste wood, wood chippings and forestry wood as sources of fuel. This fuel is then fed into a gasification process which produces a gas that is fed into engines that in turn produce a clean form of renewable energy.

On Site Hydrogen Production

The Pure Energy® Centre design complete hydrogen systems using state of the art electrolysers to produce both hydrogen fuel and oxygen. All our equipment is provided with all necessary auxiliary items for the safe and reliable onsite hydrogen production. All Pure Energy® Centre Electrolyser solutions are available up to 12 bar output pressure with a variable operational range between 20% and 100% of its rated output capacity.

On Site Nitrogen Production and On Site Oxygen Production

The Pure Energy® Centre nitrogen and oxygen generators utilise the latest Pressure Swing Absorption technology to produce Pure® Nitrogen and oxygen continuously from any air source. The nitrogen and oxygen generators are fully automated and assure high reliability with a user friendly interface.

Fuel Cells

We work with some of the world’s leading Fuel Cell manufacturers, to provide you with a range of the most suitable, durable and reliable fuel cells available on the market. We supply: UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and Automotive applications.
Our systems are fully integrated, self contained, highly efficient fuel cell systems that generate power at the point of use. These systems are scalable and modular and are reliable and rugged but easy to maintain.

Control and Monitoring

Pure Energy® Centre has unique expertise in the development of control and monitoring systems. High performance real time controller and HMI platform allow remote access and visualisation of your application. We develop unique control and monitoring systems that are designed specifically for your needs to encompass any renewable energy technology.

Project Management

The Pure Energy® Centre provides project management and management consultancy. The experienced staff offer business and technical solutions to issues that arise in complex and major projects, and in commercial processes. We use our industry experience, knowledge and insight to provide specialist advice within renewable energy.

Research and Development

Renewable energy is still an emerging sector. Research and development is essential and will play an important role in shaping the industry in the future.

The Pure Energy® Centre is currently the only renewable hydrogen research & development facility in the UK providing on-site access to an operational renewable hydrogen system.

Renewable and Hydrogen Training

The Pure Energy® Centre provides training courses tailored to individuals and groups who want to know how to design and manage their own energy and hydrogen infrastructure. Our standard three day Renewable Hydrogen Course provides a complete overview of renewable and hydrogen technologies.

We also offer bespoke renewable training courses. Contact us for more information.


The Pure Energy® Centre is a leader in energy storage technologies. We provide you with the right storage solution for your energy system. We can offer: Hydrogen Gas Storage, Electrochemical Storage, Heat Storage and Hydro Storage.