Pro Enviro is an expanding global knowledge management consultancy providing sustainable solutions for industry and commerce. We provide operational improvements and measurable benefits in performance, efficiency and profitability to our clients while ensuring that access to opportunities for future generations is improved through the implementation of sustainable development Best Practice (BP) and Best Available Techniques (BAT) at enlightened companies through out the world.
Through the quality of our advise, expertise and our passion for developing a more sustainable future, we have built a strong and diverse client base including major government departments, Regional Development Agencies (RDAs), Learning Skills Councils and large and small companies from a variety of industrial sectors.
Pro Enviro’s team of specialist consultants offer comprehensive support to the industrial sector through innovative solutions which help clients develop their business along a sustainable path. These include, knowledge management in environmental and sustainable development; environmental consultancy; management consultancy; advice on climate change issues including Climate Change Levy, Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation, as well as IPPC, health and safety, quality management systems to ISO 9001, ISO 14000, BS 8555 and EMAS, organisational development, waste management and land remediation. We are able to support our sustainable business development activities with comprehensive training programmes which ensure that the gained knowledge is firmly embedded within the organisation.