Provide the most efficient Far infrared heating system with design consultation. TO integrat the best of the systems together so that a smaller footprint is achieved and more comfortable living has been achieved.
Utilizing on and off grid services, introducing the lastest in up and coming technology to the Canadians and assisting where ever needed around the world.
Honesty and understanding is my and PEC (Prestyl Energy Corp) only policy, "pragmatic diagnosis of all environments must always take place then proper action can only then take place to provide a proper system and environment. The potential to customize the standard size panel that we carry is always an option for R&D.
The proving of full residential installation, work trailers, commercial, agricultural, medical facilities(operation room, maternity, recovery), industrial (intrinsicly safe areas, E houses, pump houses, wash cars), schools and public malls and their common areas ie, kitchens caffeteria's, pool areas, change rooms and washrooms rooms.
The direction is to known as high ethics for direction for the public to have cleaner, healthier and efficient footprint at home and work.