With over 25,000 satisfied customers saving between up to 38% electricity and reducing their CO2, PowerSines prides itself as a global provider of energy efficiency and energy saving solutions. Leveraging decades of R&D expertise in power electronics and voltage optimisation, PowerSines developes patented technologies for optimising power consumption, voltage stabilization and regulation, and the improvement of power quality of electric networks. PowerSines offers several product lines and solutions for industrial and commercial markets:

Lighting Energy Controllers - LEC
Built around a patented Induced Negative Voltage (INV™) technology, LEC enables regulating and stabilizing voltage to lighting circuits. The system is installed on the entire lighting circuit, without requiring any changes to the electric infrastructure and provides the following benefits and advantages:
• Immediate energy saving of 15% - 38%
• Built-in astronomic clock for switching on/off the lights according to sunset and sunrise times; generates additional 10-15% of energy saving in outdoor lighting
• Programmable lighting scenarios for adjusting lights intensity to traffic flow and environmental conditions
• Remote control and monitoring
• Simple installation without change of existing electrical wiring
• Rapid ROI of 1-3 years

Universal Energy Controller for Commercial Facilities - ComEC
PowerSines ComEC is an all-in-one advanced energy controller that is build around an adaptive voltage control technology. ComEC stabilises and regulates the incoming voltage with reduction of up to 20V b 2.5V steps offering savings of up to 18% of the total electric bill. ComEC optimises the voltage, improving power quality and protecting equipment. Voltage optimisation boosts efficiency, reduces maintenance and operating costs and increases the bottom line. ComEC installs after the main switch and immediately generates savings. IT requires zero maintenance and enables you to contribute to a greener environment. Benefits include:
• Adaptive voltage control – protecting against under voltage and maximising savings
• Voltage stabilisation – stabilised power supply for all electric equipment
• Integrated automatic bypass – ensures voltage output is kept above the minimum level, protecting against over temperature and short currents
• Manual changeover switch – manual bypass for service and safety
• Automatic saving calculation – with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly slices
• Network electricity analyser – measures all electric parameters and energy consumption
• Remote energy management system – for control, alarms, reports and services
• Small footprint – simple to install, compact and wall-mountable
• Zero maintenance

Remote Energy Management System - Remote EMS
In addition to direct savings generated by ComEC, PowerSines offers an on-line Remote Energy Management System (EMS) that seamlessly integrates with ComEC devices.
The Remote EMS enables user sot monitor, analyse and control in real-time the electric consumption in all facilities. The Remote EMS consists of a GSM controller that communications with the ComEC sending data to the central server over the Internet and mobile networks. Users can securely access on-line, real-time and historical data aggregated in the Remote EMS server through a webs browser, anywhere. The Remote EMS can be added to the ComEC solution through a SaaS (Software as a service) model with minimal costs. This enables you to achieve immediate business profitability by minimising the effort and resources needed for establishing a complex communication infrastructure. Benefits include:
• On-line saving results and consumption figures sliced by date, week, month or year
• Reports, chars and Excel forms for smart analysis of electric usage
• Real-time alarms (SMS and emails) for abnormal conditions, anomalies and failures
• Remote setup of all ComEC configuration parameters