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PowerPerfector voltage optimisation

PowerPerfector is an all-in-one solution to a number of common power supply problems. It is utterly different to auto-transformers or 'variacs' which cannot get anywhere near – let alone replicate – the reliability, versatility or savings of voltage power optimisation technology. It requires no moving parts or electronics.

PowerPerfector performance and reliability are unmatched by any technology available in the UK today. No unit has ever been known to fail.

We supply a range of powerPerfectors to meet the needs of smaller enterprises up to the largest industrial consumers.

PowerPerfector's main feature is its ability to optimise and improve the incoming voltage for a whole site and therefore cut energy costs. This reduces energy bills and also improves the efficiency of electrical equipment.

What does powerPerfector do?
• Reduces energy use and costs by up to 20% by optimising the electricity supply voltage
• Reduces carbon emissions by up to 20%
• Reduces your maximum demand by up to 15%
• Protects electrical and electronic equipment from transients up to 25,000V
• Lowers maintenance costs on motors, lighting and other electrical equipment
• Improves power quality and substantially improves power factor
• Lowers operating temperatures of motors and lighting
• Prolongs the life of electrical components by optimising voltage which reduces electrical stress
• Reduces phase voltage imbalance, improving the efficiency of AC motors
• Suppresses harmonics that can damage sensitive electronic equipment, improving HV to LV transformer efficiency
• Reduces reactive power by up to 45%

For more information about powerPerfector, please contact us. We also offer a free evaluation so that you can see if powerPerfector is the right product for you.

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