Pira International Events division provides events, training, online information and publications across a wide range of topical issues and disruptive technologies affecting a wide range of industries.

Our 100% independent products are provided globally 24/7 and are delivered by teams of independent experts at sites in Portland, US and London, UK across 14 key industry sectors.

We specialise in providing expert quality information on:

- disruptive technologies and their application
- research and product development
- globalisation and new markets
- production methods
- regulatory and compliance

Pira Consulting provide services that span the paper, packaging, printing and publishing supply chains. Our highly knowledgeable consultants, many of whom are recognised industry experts, apply their know-how and experience to provide practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our services include:

- research and technology development
- business strategy development
- business intelligence
- tailored training
- distribution and logistics
- innovation and design
- financial markets support

Pira Consulting.
Our knowledge, your advantage.