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PC Power Down

PC Power Down – Home

The PC Power Down – Home software runs in the background on your PC. You set the time that you want your computer to start saving energy each day; this can either be the same time each day or you can set a different time for each day of the week.

Fifteen minutes before the time you set, a box pops up on your screen and if no-one is using the computer, it is powered down at the time you set. If, however, someone is using the computer, you can accept or delay the power down until you have finished what you are doing or even dismiss it completely for that day. The computer is has two option to powering down using either hibernate or shut down function. If the hibernate option is used, when it is powered back up, the computer is returned to its original state; all applications and services are running and all documents and files are open. Shut down will lose all settings and data, applications and files will have to be re-opened. The schedule allows you to set different power down options for each day.

The other part of the solution is the PC Power Down surge protected intelligent power strip that the computer and peripherals are plugged into. The intelligent electrical socket senses when the computer has hibernated or shut down and powers down the peripherals. The intelligent electrical socket also senses when the computer has been reactivated and it returns power to the peripherals.

Main reasons to buy PC Power Down
• Save £105* a year per PC on electricity bills
• Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 376kg* a year per PC
• Improve computer security: PCs cannot be attacked when powered down
• Extend life of your PC and its peripherals
• Reduce fire risk associated with leaving electronic items powered and unattended
• The PC Power Down power-strip comes with surge protection

*download savings calculations

Contact us to purchase PC Power Down – Home. Also available is PC Power Down – Enterprise, for business users.

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