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PC Power Down

PC Power Down – Enterprise

PC Power Down is a computer controlled system that saves energy and reduces the user's carbon footprint by automatically switching off electrical equipment when not required. At the heart of the system is the easy-to-use scheduling software that runs on a computer that acts as a server. The software lets you set the time each day that you would like to switch equipment on and off.

There are two classes of the system—PC Power Down – Enterprise is scalable from a few users to thousands for organisations with a network, whilst PC Power Down – Home is for home users and smaller organisations that do not have a network.

Computers on the network are loaded with the PC Power Down client software. Individual PCs are identified by the scheduling software on the server and appear on a list. Once PCs are identified, they can be organised into groups such as departments, floors or buildings. The scheduling software then allows you to set the time each day when the PCs in a group are switched off and on again.

Switching computers on and off
When setting the schedule for a group of PCs, you can choose between shut down and power down.

If you choose to shut down, the computers will power off completely, any open applications will be closed and any unsaved work will be lost. If you choose to power down, the computer uses the Microsoft Windows hibernate feature. The workspace including all open documents and applications are "saved" from memory to disk when the PC powers down. When the PC is powered up again it is returned to the original state: all documents are open and applications are running.

If a user is still working on their PC as the scheduled power down time approaches, fifteen minutes before the scheduled time the user is "screen-popped" with the option to allow the PC to power down against the schedule or to delay the power down to enable them to continue working.

Power up
If the PC is capable of remote wake-up, it is restarted against the schedule. PCs in a group that are scheduled to restart at the same time have their power up times slightly staggered to avoid potentially harmful power surges and circuit breakers being tripped.

Controlling peripherals
Computer peripherals are controlled by using an intelligent power-strip. There are several different styles of power-strip available all working on similar principles ranging from entry level products to fully standards compliant intelligent power distribution units (iPDUs) in the UK this includes compliance to BS 6396 for the installation of electrical power in office and educational furniture. There are versions available to meet the requirements of countries world wide. The PC is plugged into a special socket on the power-strip. The peripherals such as printer, scanner or monitor are plugged into the same power-strip. When the PC is powered down or shut down, the block senses3 that the PC is no longer drawing power and shuts off power to sockets that the peripherals are connected to.

When the power-strip senses that the PC is drawing power again, power is returned to the sockets that the peripherals are connect to, powering up the peripherals.

PC Power Down can also work with server room equipment and other electrical devices. Please download the attached document for all details. Contact us if you wish to purchase PC Power Down, either for work or for home.

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