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PC Power Down

PC Power Down installed in Ashmolean

Typically, in an education establishment or public space, computers are a shared resource and as such are not the responsibility of any one individual so it is often unclear who should be switching off equipment. Of course equipment is frequently left on to allow for automatic updates, patching and backing up as well as allowing users to connect remotely to their desktops outside office hours.

PC Power Down supplied a simple easy-to-manage solution that ensures computers are switched off when not needed and are powered up and ready when required. PC Power Down scheduling software was installed on a server at the Museum with a small client application on each workstation. The scheduling software identifies all the computers on the network and puts them into groups. The administrator sets a time each day for the groups to be switched off and back on again: computers can be switched on just in advance of when they are needed so they are ready in time. PCs can be scheduled to be switched off in two different ways; using the hibernate or shut down functions of Windows. When hibernate is chosen, any open documents and applications that have been left on the computer are saved and restored when the computer is switched back on. It is often the case that people may be using their computers outside normal working hours: PC Power Down displays an alert fifteen minutes before any computer is scheduled to be switched off giving the user the opportunity to delay the power down so they can complete their work. If no one is using the computer, the alert simply expires and the computer is powered down.

Dr Jonathan Moffett of the Ashmolean commented "PC Power Down delivers value by providing tangible evidence of costs savings that can be factored into the overall objectives, while it also offloads 'carbon guilt' to an automated managed platform. The administration interface is well designed with intuitive controls, and technically the small memory footprint on the server and of the client software make it very straightforward to roll out. This is backed by excellent support from PC Power Down and goes a long way in supporting our green IT initiative."

Gary Shepherd of PC Power Down explains, "PC Power Down has been received well in higher education establishments such as the Ashmolean. A recent study undertaken within a British university showed the savings generated by PC Power Down covered its costs in just a few weeks; accessing the HEFCE Rolling Green Fund reduced the payback period to less than two weeks. We plan to extend the use of PC Power Down to control other devices in the Ashmolean such as network printers, photocopiers, water coolers and other ICT."

The full case study is available to download.

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