PBA Energy Solutions is the sole UK Distributors for Hydromx - a revolutionary energy-saving product invented in Turkey and now commercially available in both the UK and USA.

Water is normally used in heating systems because it is cheap - but it is NOT the most efficient heat transfer fluid. It also attacks the heating system through corrosion and calcification, reducing efficiency and creating sludge and blockages.

Hydromx is a specially formulated organic solution that is mixed 50:50 with water. The effect of this is to reduce energy costs by up to 35% when compared to water.

PBA focuses on reducing energy demand through energy efficiency solutions that are different. We aim for unique solutions that are not available from anyone else; solutions that make a difference and complement the "standard" solutions on the market.

PBA has set environmental and socially responsible goals for the next 5 years:

To save carbon emissions equivalent to that absorbed by 1 million trees
To support initiatives that will help over 100,000 homes out of fuel poverty