Passivent are specialists in delivering natural ventilation and natural daylighting solutions, and are a leading UK company in the field of sustainable and energy-efficient ventilation for both commercial and domestic buildings. A pioneer in natural ventilation, Passivent has been at the forefront in developing innovative products and systems to provide optimum performance in all types of buildings. A range of natural daylighting products including tubular rooflights, modular rooflights and combined rooflight/ventilators complements Passivent’s natural and energy efficient ventilation range.

Passivent design
The key to a successful natural ventilation approach is that it should be an integral part of the building design. Designing efficient natural ventilation strategies requires specialised expertise. With our in-house design team, Passivent can provide a comprehensive service tailored to specific schemes, covering project appraisal, computer modelling and calculations, system design, product selection and budgeting.

Passivent has developed advanced software providing an integrated design approach to achieving optimum performance and rapid evaluation of proposals at an early stage. Environmental modelling is a new and invaluable design tool providing detailed computer analysis of the internal environment with predictions of temperature, airflow, CO2 concentrations and daylight levels. Combining natural daylighting with natural ventilation strategies can considerably reduce energy consumption, making a significant contribution to sustainable building design. Research and development Passivent has its own in-house research team dedicated to developing natural ventilation and daylighting techniques and products. We have been a major partner in some of the most important research projects in this field, working with organisations such as BSRIA and BRE. Passivent have also invested heavily in applied research, monitoring systems both in the field and in the laboratory. Installation, commissioning and after sales Passivent systems may be installed through a network of independent installers (MasterCare). This can include controls supply, wiring and site commissioning. Maintenance contracts are available aimed at ensuring continued effective operation of systems. We also offer performance and offsite monitoring services.

System controls
Good control minimises energy use by matching ventilation to demand. Passivent offer a complete range of control modules specially developed for natural ventilation systems. Complete packages can be tailored as standalone systems or integrated with building management systems. Systems range from simple control for local ventilation based on room temperature, to ECA-approved comprehensive programmable systems for separate control of multiple zones, monitoring internal and external temperatures, wind speed, carbon dioxide levels, air quality, humidity and other factors.

The low-energy strategy Low-energy natural ventilation is an increasingly important design strategy for commercial buildings. Air is moved primarily by natural forces of wind and convection, so little or no power is consumed. In comparison with air conditioning or mechanical ventilation it can bring savings in capital equipment and running costs, with reduced energy use and CO2 emissions, whilst providing controlled, comfortable conditions for users. The use of natural daylighting adds to these benefits.

Mixed-mode ventilation
In buildings such as offices with a high heat load from IT equipment, some additional cooling may be required. Passivent have developed mixed-mode cooling systems combining natural ventilation with carefully controlled local cooling for the best of both worlds. This approach is economical in operation since cooling is usually needed only at periods of peak demand and in areas of specific need. Passivent studies have shown that a well-designed mixed-mode system can out-perform a conventional air-conditioned building, with substantially less energy use.

Intelligent solutions
Current technology combined with design software and sophisticated control systems mean that natural ventilation can provide optimum performance. Using the latest techniques, intelligent natural ventilation and mixed-mode cooling solutions can be applied to most building types.

Passivent offer a range of CPD seminars to ensure the most up to date legislation and regulations are communicated with the building industry.