OSRAM is a global lighting manufacturer that has been producing innovative lighting solutions for over 100 years. Through pioneering lamp technologies, OSRAM ensures energy efficiency, long-lifetime and brilliant light in all its products.

As a leading lighting manufacturer OSRAM has the broadest portfolio of energy-saving products in the world. In comparison to incandescent GLS lamps, its compact fluorescent lamps (CFLi) save up to 80% on energy costs and its HALOGEN ENERGY SAVER range provides energy savings of 30%. In addition, OSRAM recently launched a new LED luminaire range. All the products in this range benefit from extremely low energy consumption due to the performance benefits of LED technology.

OSRAM manufactures an array of products for general lighting purposes including halogen energy saving lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, special lamps and LED systems. A significant percentage of sales revenue (>5%) is reinvested in research and development ensuring that lamps are continually being upgraded to reap benefits for the end user. With a vast range of lamps and luminaires available, OSRAM is ideally placed to provide the best possible lighting effect wherever it is required.