The mission of the Oregon Department of Energy is to ensure Oregon has an adequate supply of reliable and affordable energy and is safe from nuclear contamination, by helping Oregonians save energy, develop clean energy resources, promote renewable energy, and clean up nuclear waste.
The Oregon Department of Energy was created in 1975.

The agency’s primary program goals include:

•Encouraging investments in conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy resources (by offering tax credits, loans, and grants)
•Providing information and assistance on ways to save energy (to households, businesses, schools, tribes and government agencies)
•Providing technical help and financial incentives to promote the use of renewable energy
•Demonstrating the workability of new technology (energy-saving equipment, appliances, materials, manufacturing processes, and building practices)
•Siting prudent, safe, and environmentally sound energy facilities
•Regulating the cleanup and transportation of radioactive wastes through the state
•Ensuring state preparedness to respond to accidents involving radioactive materials, and
•Advocating the cleanup of radioactive wastes at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation