GRAVITY FORCE ELECTRIC CURRENT MACHINE DETAILS. SUB : We have invented the machine to produce the electric


We have invented the gravity force electric current machine. This

machine is running by gravity force. We have not any fuels and chemical

things for the machine running. It is only an engineering product

machine. We are produce the electric current by using this machine.

Because of the gravity force electric current machine the pollution is

not affect any ware.

This machine is produce the electric current in their houses or

factories for the necessity.

No dangerous by this machine. It is a low cost machine. First time

investment only for this machine. There is no expenditure often.


We want finance help to finish this invention. The invention is the most

important for the all over the world. If you will help us for Finance

for this invention, we will accept your terms and conditions. Please

help us. Please contact immediately.

I am anxiously waiting for your earliest reply.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

G K O Radhakrishnan

Olimuthu bhavan