nheolis designs and manufactures new dimension wind power technology.

Committed to providing the most economical electric power sources, nheolis specializes in Small Wind Turbines (SWT).

nheolis revolutionized the energy world in 2009 with the world-first 3D blades design, known as with its nheowind 3D 100 CP making wind energy both more efficient and reliable than ever before.

In 2010, nheolis launched the nheowind 3D 50 and 3D 100, with curved 3D “blades Chistera”.

nheowind turbines can be customized to meet individual requirements, allowing nheolis to meet the rapidly increasing global demand in both urban and isolated areas.

nheolis’ patented technology drives our design, reaching performance, robustness and silence levels never before achieved in SWT, winning us in 2010 the Gold EEP.