The next generation of gas and coal fuelled power plants: challenges and opportunities in a carbon constrained world.

This will be the third in the Modern Power Systems series of conferences exploring the role of new fossil generation in the fuel mix, providing an update on key projects under construction and planned, and the issues surrounding them.

Since our first event, in 2006, the outlook for fossil generation has changed dramatically, mainly due to the pressures arising from escalating concerns about carbon dioxide emissions, coupled with cost hyperinflation, and supply chain problems. These are among the challenges that will be explored in depth at the conference.

We at Modern Power Systems believe, however, that despite the inevitability of increased constraints on carbon use we cannot simply walk away from the new build of fossil fuelled generation nor its potential contribution to keeping the lights on and maintaining a diversified and secure energy mix

Other themes to be addressed at the 2009 conference will be the new “dash for gas” and advanced combined cycle technologies, clean coal and carbon capture readiness, repowering schemes, and new build fossil generation projects and prospects in central and eastern Europe

Our site visit will take us to the world’s largest gas turbine, at Irsching, organised by E.ON in association with Siemens, where we will learn about their experiences building this path-breaking facility and plans for construction of the world’s most efficient combined cycle plant at the site.