NESS UK Limited
Ness UK Limited is a productivity & efficiency company focussed on cutting costs and saving resources. The company operates in two main markets:

● Energy, Demand Management (EDM)

● Productivity improvements

In both markets, NESS measures current performance and efficiency; identifies areas for improvement; recommends solutions; oversees implementation of solutions; manages, monitors, improves and audits results to ensure optimisation and maintenance of on-going benefits.

An essential part of every NESS solution, both for energy and productivity, is web based monitoring and management to ensure ongoing sustained improvements in performance.

NESS Share™ is applicable to both EnergyNESS™ and ProductivityNESS™, providing immediate benefits for no capital outlay in return for a small share of ongoing savings.

The prime objective of EnergyNESS™ is to ensure that NESS Clients achieve the best cost performance for energy used, through an effective Energy Demand Management programme. NESS works with a group of ‘best of breed’ partners to provide fully integrated energy management and control systems for its customers; from small energy users, such as schools and care homes, to large multi-location organisations such as district councils, NHS Primary Care Trusts and Hospitals.

ProductivityNESS™ focusses on cost reduction, cost avoidance and cost recovery, through more effective use of resources. The company designs, develops and installs bespoke processes, which enable management to manage more effectively and to achieve best value. A ProductivityNESS™ Project identifies and then removes the constraints that are limiting performance. It facilitates the development of new processes and procedures which deliver significant improvements in performance. Such improvements, however, of necessity, must be achieved within a short timescale.
The ProductivityNESS™ methodology of a combined “bottom up” and “top down” approach ensures this by actively involving all stakeholders in the creation of new and better ways of working.

NESS Share™

NESS Share™ is a no capital required subscription service that provides energy, water and productivity savings

NESS Share™ subscriptions can be used for consultancy, monitoring, management and diagnostic services and equipment .

NESS has developed a 'no cost' solution, that enables organisations to have the issue of energy and productivity saving lifted off their shoulders and managed by NESS, simply by agreeing to share financial savings with NESS. In a NESS share™ agreement, NESS covers the cost of consultancy, provides the use of the necessary equipment, management tools and staff training. It also provides ongoing web based monitoring, support and maintenance. It is a genuine no cost solution. For every solution, there is an initial period allowed for the user to build up a savings backlog before subscriptions have to be paid.

As new technologies become available, customers with NESS share™ agreements have the flexibility to exchange, add or upgrade their installed energy saving equipment. As there would be no existing capital acquired equipment to be written off, increased energy cost savings can be made immediately.

Energy saving technologies and services covered under a NESS share™ agreement may include boiler upgrades, lighting, heating, hot water, electric power compensation technologies, metering and monitoring and steam processing. Advanced technologies, such as fuel cells, solar and wind power, heat engines and CHP, may also be included within a NESS partnership.

Monitoring, measuring and control, together with the reporting of user energy consumption and savings, are key parts of the NESS service. In all cases, NESS includes annual audits of energy consumption to ensure that anticipated savings are being achieved. In as many cases as possible, NESS has on-line web based links to users to show user energy consumption in detail plus energy and carbon savings achieved.

As more energy saving projects are identified, they may be simply added to the customer’s Ness Share™ portfolio.

NESS Share™ benefits
The benefits of working with the NESS subscription are as follows:-

• A no cash required solution -NESS is paid out of savings so no cap-ex funding or other payments are required.

• Savings kick-start - A full quarter’s savings are accrued before subscription starts.

• Immediate savings - Savings released by NESS Share™ go straight to the bottom line.

• Monitoring & Audits - Monitoring ensures savings are actual not guesstimates, and audits ensure optimum performance

• No Depreciation, No ROI calculations - No financial proposals, budgeting, approvals. NESS releases capital funds for other projects

• One-stop shop - NESS includes all charges – Consultancy, hardware, software, support, maintenance – no other charges.

• Flexibility - Its simple to upgrade or replace old solutions with new more efficient technologies as they emerge, so ensuring optimum solutions at all times.

• Off Balance sheet - All payments made off balance sheet.