NACI is the leading provider of air conditioning inspections and consultancy services throughout the UK.

Nationwide Air Conditioning Inspections is rapidly becoming recognised as the leading company for the provision of air conditioning inspections and air conditioning reports throughout the UK and offers exceptional service levels to ensure its clients will be fully compliant and have a strategic plan to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

NACI’s services will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that all legal requirements have been met and even exceeded due to NACI’s “above and beyond” business philosophy.

We have vast experience and management skills and we offer management and assistance by logistically scheduling air con inspections by our highly skilled and qualified air con inspectors throughout the UK.

Our offering aims to continually drive down carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption. Every inspection is like an audit of the HVAC system and recommendations, if followed, have been known to reduce energy consumption (and therefore bills) by as much as 45%.