National Productivity Council (NPC) is a National Level Organization, under Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Govt. of India, to promote productivity culture in India. NPC plays a catalytic role in productivity promotion in Indian Industry by undertaking consultancy & training assignments in the frontiers areas of management & technology.

Environment Division of NPC ( ED-NPC) is quality Environmental services to the industrial diaspora. The application of Waste Minimization and Cleaner production techniques has been a major thrust area, amongst a range of services that ED-NPC provides for enhancing profitability and environmental performance of industrial enterprises.

We provide customized and cost effective services in:
 Design and Performance Evaluation of Pollution Control Systems.
 Waste Minimization and Cleaner Production Applications.
 Environmental Management Systems( ISO-14001) and Occupational Safety & Health Management Services ( OHSAS 18001)
 Scientific Management of Hazardous Waste, Hospital Waste & Municipal Solid Waste including designing of Treatment and Disposal facilities.
 Environmental Auditing & Impact Assessments.
 Environmental Benchmarking & Performance Studies.
 Green Productivity promotion.
 Eco-Industrial Tourism.
 Project Management Consultancy Services.