The National Hydrogen has undertaken a global strategy of renewable energy development. This was at least partly in response to the critical need of many under-developed countries that can no longer afford importing carbon-based fuels. Since that time, we have been selecting partners and technology around the globe to execute a definitive global strategy of renewable energy development.

NHF is not seeking the big bang theory, but rather a measured progression into proven technology as well as harnessing the advantages of new emerging research.

NHF works closely with its sponsor, Laesa, Ltd. to utilize a decision matrix for global project selection based at least in part on the sale of power under a long term power purchase agreement..

Currently the NHF, Laesa, Ltd. and its subsidiaries have concentrated development efforts and analysis in the U.S. and Caribbean.

We are working to combine systems such as trash, sewage, waste water, and electricity, by applying new emerging technologies such as Pyrolytic Steam Reforming Gasification, hydrogen fuel cells, wind ,solar ,bio-diesel and other systems.

By combining these technologies, greater efficiencies are obtained, and waste sources become feedstock for renewable energy equipment. By using these combined applications in new developments and retrofitting existing utility locations with renewable energy equipment and strategies, infrastructure becomes a generator and distributor for local renewable energy to the community.