The NBB is the national trade association representing the biodiesel industry as the coordinating body for research and development in the US. It was founded in 1992 by state soybean commodity groups, who were funding biodiesel research and development programs. Since that time, the NBB has developed into a comprehensive industry association, which coordinates and interacts with a broad range of cooperators including industry, government, and academia. NBB's membership is comprised of state, national, and international feedstock and feedstock processor organizations, biodiesel suppliers, fuel marketers and distributors, and technology providers.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the National Biodiesel Board is to advance the interests of its members by creating sustainable biodiesel industry growth. NBB serves as the industry's central coordinating entity and will be the single voice for its diverse membership base. Industry growth will be achieved through public affairs, communications, technical, and quality assurance programs. We are dedicated to inclusiveness and integrity.

Vision 2015:

Our vision of the future is that by 2015, biodiesel will be viewed as an integral component of a national energy policy which increasingly relies on clean, domestic, renewable fuels. Positive market dynamics coupled with federal counter-cyclical policy will support a significant and stable market. Sales, primarily in the form of low level biodiesel blends, will replace 5% of diesel demand by 2015. Energy security and environmentally driven uses, such as B20, remain a significant and visible source of demand. Grassroots involvement remains a strong and vital strength of the industry.