Benefits from Natures own chemist have been combined by Eudemon and Myit in the development and manufacture of one of the World’s premier health aid products using a standard energy saving light bulb.

•Up to 50% savings for business (Tubes) and 80% (Bulbs) for the consumer

•In turn helping to reduce bills by half or more and reducing carbon output by the same

•Built in air purifying system in all our bulbs and tubes, which remove harmful bacteria, pollen, dust and smoke which pollute indoor areas

•Helps with reducing stress, headaches, respiratory problems and sick days, whilst helping to increase productivity in the workforce and producing Vitamin D in the body

•Usually pay for themselves within two years or less

•No need to change office infrastructure as all lights are designed to go into old fittings

•Can be financed through the Carbon Trust with a 100% interest free loan (SME) or tax deductable as a recognised ‘green’ product

•Highly competitive pricing

•LED technology also developed and added to our extensive range of over 80 products

We believe in reducing your Carbon output through an everyday object and saving you money. We also believe in the welfare of staff.........