Last year, following a homework project by the children, we started trying to do our "bit" for the environment.

Recycling bottles, plastic, cardboard into local council bins is well established and has slowly become the norm, but what happens next, and what more could we do.

The more we learnt the more we became fascinated by the range of environmentally friendly products and eco gifts that are the end result of the recycling process, and the range of everyday products that are being developed that use less energy.

Our results lead to many friends and family asking for details of where we bought this, what does this do, and why don't you start a business??

So here it is - our own online eco-store - to share with you the eco products we've found that we think cover many areas of our everyday lives, in the house, the office, the pencil case and eco gifts for friends and family.

Our favourites are the Eco Kettle; Onya Bags; Heat Logs; Eco Balls; Dryer Balls; and Efergy meter for measuring energy use, but the kids and their friends are equally amazed by pencil cases made from tyres, and pens made from old CD cases!

We have tried to include as much info about the products and eco issues as we can so you can make an informed choice about your purchases.

We are always interested in new products which fit in with our aims so if there is something you're looking for, or know of, and it's not here, please get in touch at and we'll have a look, or try to source it for you, and all our other visitors.