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Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd

01 Feb 2012 01:02:22

Why does the sunshine feel so good when the air is bitterly cold?

Why does the sunshine feel so good when the air is bitterly cold? Here's a little bit of science for the answer. The sun gives off light, wavelengths found in both the near and far infrared area of the light spectrum create the energy required for atoms within an object to start vibrating. Vibrating atoms in an object will cause it to heat up, their vibration energy (heat) can be transferred between atoms in the object and the surrounding atmosphere. At the other end of the light spectrum wavelengths from the ultraviolet or X-ray areas create little or no heat.

Rooms soon warm up when the sun is shining in through the window. Infrared rays can travel through glass, which is why on a sunny winters day you can feel the warmth sat behind a window or inside the car.

The same principle is harnessed in infrared heaters, those using near infrared are closer to the red end of the light spectrum and so appear to glow orange, seen in outdoor patio heaters, and those using far infared do not show any light at all. Both are able to warm people and objects rather than the air between.

Infrared heating panels can provide gentle comfortable warmth in the home or workplace. Ideal for positioning in the ceiling above seating areas or workplaces where the infrared rays can be felt on the skin. This form of electrical heating is very energy efficient as the panels have low energy usage and savings can be made on fuel bills.

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